Personal and Home Security

AIG Private Client Group helps you protect what matters most with a wide range of confidential personal security solutions to keep you, your family and your staff safe—and to ensure that you are well prepared should a crisis arise.

Success comes with many advantages, but it also can increase the risks you face. Potential exposures range from burglary to lawsuits brought by household staff, even extortion and ransom demands. Personal, confidential security consultations help you evaluate the risks you face and how you can protect against them. We can help you prepare—whether that means an assessment of your home’s security, crafting a family emergency plan or identifying potential liability threats1. Some preventative steps you take to address those issues may also enable you to reduce your premiums.„

What's Included

360° Lifestyle Review

Our vendor partner security experts can meet with you to conduct a complete assessment. During this exercise, they gain a firsthand understanding of your lifestyle (for example, how often you travel or who has access to your home), identify potential scenarios that could put your home or loved ones at risk, and help you create and implement personalized action plans.

Background Checks

No matter how highly recommended they are, the household help, groundskeepers and other private staff who have day-to-day access to your home and family need to be vetted carefully. We offer complimentary2 access to background checks through a highly reputable security vendor, enabling you to screen current or potential employees’ criminal records, driving records, bankruptcy filings as well as verify employment history, education and other credentials.

Certified First Aid/CPR Training for Household Staff3

For our policyholders who employ a large staff of domestic employees, we can conduct CPR and first aid training on the premises to better prepare them in the event of a health emergency.

Home Security Assessments

Our vendor partner security experts are well versed in the latest security technologies, from state-of-the-art alarm systems to camera surveillance, and can help you select the best solutions for your home.„

Liability Assessments

Simple oversights such as an open pool gate or a broken railing can lead to injury, and, perhaps, a lawsuit. We can help you identify potential liability threats in and around your home and provide advice on measures to correct them.

Crisis Management

We work with highly regarded private security and crisis management personnel. Together, we can educate and train your family on how to avoid dangerous situations in everyday life or while traveling abroad.

Parental Liability

You love your kids and want them to explore the wider world. But in the process, teen driver mishaps, unsupervised parties or other events and even social media posts that reveal too much about the family’s activities or tread the line into libel can increase your exposure to lawsuits. In addition to offering comprehensive excess liability insurance, we can help you assess your risk and plan accordingly.

Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Prevention

Unfortunately, kidnapping and other threats to high profile, successful people do occur, though the events are rarely discussed in the open. Travel in certain countries or areas with pirate activity can significantly increase these risks. Your security consultation includes an assessment of vulnerability and ways to help ensure your family is protected from any such attempt. We also offer access to consultants who provide 24/7 assistance for an incident in progress, and have experts positioned around the globe with knowledge of local culture to tailor security measures to your individual situation. (Please note that response services may require prior purchase of kidnap and ransom insurance through AIG.)

Complimentary Policy Review

Ask your independent insurance advisor if AIG is the right fit for you, or call 844 447 5296 to arrange a complimentary lifestyle and insurance portfolio review.

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1Eligibility for complimentary in-person security consultations and other family safety services is determined based upon total account size. However, all policyholders are eligible for discounted pricing on preliminary consultations and complimentary phone consultations.

2 Eligibility for complimentary preliminary background checks is determined based upon total account size. However, all policyholders are eligibility for discounted pricing on preliminary background checks.

3 Eligibility for certified first aid/CPR training is determined based upon total account size and are only available in select counties of California, Florida, New Jersey, and New York

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